Loss of a loved one

goodbyeDeath, an inevitable phase as we breath our last. We get so caught up in our lives, that we forget about this ultimate truth. Our body will not belong to us forever, we have been given this perishable body as a Present which will be taken away any time.  We are so busy keeping grudges against people, keeping all unresolved resentments inside. If only, we could learn to let go of the need to prove ourselves right and others wrong, our lives would become much simpler and more at Peace.

I lost my Granny about a Month before. A kind soul which was very much a part of my existence from past 19 years, ceased to exist on this Earth. What’s left is just the memories of all the Good and Bad times with her. Regret of not being with her in her last moments. Regret of not being able to see her alive, one last time. Her demise came as a shock to everyone related. I never expected that she would go so soon. That’s Life, one can never be sure of the longevity of our lives.

The moments like these make us question the way we’ve been living our life. All the conflicts we have with the people close to us, are these really worth it? When we lose someone close to us to death, all hurts, negative feelings we might have had from them just vanish. We remember what all good things we will miss after this Loss. But rather than regretting about our wrong doings at some later stage, why not change the way we deal with people now. Life is too short to live with grudges. Accept the People for what they are and stop the need to control everything around us. Do not regret later that you didn’t mend the relationships when there was time and do it now if needed.

I hope that with whoever I might be holding grudges or resentments inside, I am able to let go of it and move on peacefully with my Life. And those who I might have hurt, forgive me if they can I won’t be here forever.