I have a confession to make..

Few days ago, I returned from Office to find my Shared room locked with a different lock than the usual. And, I did not have the key to unlock it. This happened, when I was already exhausted with 2 hours of sleep the previous night, then 6 hours of travel in the morning and then, a full day in Office.
My first reaction: Panic. OMG!! I have to stay outside the room in this hot weather. Will have to wait helplessly until my roommate arrives with the key. What am I gonna do!!
The Second reaction: Anger. How could you do this to me? Didn’t you know that, I might reach the room before you do. And in that case, I will have to wait outside. Poor me 😦
The Third reaction: A general negative impression about the world. About how inconsiderate the people are. And, what shall I do next.
Although this reaction, gave way to more clarity about what action needs to be taken. As I was pondering over these thoughts, I went upstairs to see if by any chance, my roommate had given the key to our House help to hand over to me. And then, I got a call from her, finally. On the call, I went on: blah blah blah. She asked me to calm down and listen to her.:D She told me where she hid the key. Awwww. She had strategically placed it away from direct limelight and I would know where to look for the key on contacting her.
This incident made me think, how quickly do we jump to negative conclusions. If only, we could pause to think clearly about the next course of action. Why do we always think negative about others? Obviously, my first assumption was wrong. She was not inconsiderate as I made her out to be in my mind. Instead, she was concerned to have thought about where to place the key for me. People are generally good. It’s our own negative lens, which makes us think otherwise.
Staying calm in stressful situations and giving people our benefit of doubt is the lesson I would take from this slice from my Life.

Keep Smiling and Stay Inspired 🙂

This post is in response to Blogging 101 challenge, inspired from my About Page.


4 comments on “I have a confession to make..

  1. Nice story with message you left behind here. (Found you in the blog course 201 blog roll)
    You’re right. When we have ‘a set-back’ in some shape or form, we tend to turn to negativity.
    I did the same a week ago. In hindsight there was a different reason. Luckily for me, I kept my mouth shut about my thoughts. If I can’t prevent my thoughts from coming into my head, the least I can do is keeping them to myself and just wait to see what would happen. I always could comment on it later if necessary. It wasn’t necessary and in this matter I was very happy about that.

  2. Yeah, it’s better to keep shut that was precisely the reason I didn’t call her first, ’cause I was afraid I might blurt out something in anger (although i am generally a reserved person).
    I felt bad that i allowed misunderstanding to develop for those few minutes before our call. I should have given her benefit of doubt. And, would definitely keep this in mind from now on. 🙂

    • I think it’s human to get such thoughts. As long as you realise there might be another explanation than just what you think and don’t react impulsive immediately then it’s okay. We’re not exactly programmed robots. 😉
      But I do think the next time with her you won’t think the same with her again, because you now know she means well. 🙂

      • Yeah true, I’ll be more kind not just in words, but even in my heart 🙂
        That’s how life is. We make mistakes, but we learn important lessons along the way.

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