Writing 101: Day1, Unlock the Mind ; My Love for Reading


As i look back at my growing years, I see an ambitious girl. A girl, who apart from being good at studies tried her hand at so many things. Be it dance, music, acting, declamations, caption contests, she was just everywhere. In short, anything creative she just had to try that. And, what surely stands apart, would be her love for the English language.

As was the norm, I would always get excited to lay my hands on the Coursebooks way before the start of academic session. I would always finish the literature portion before the classes started. With the books, I explored a world different than mine.

Reading is one of those passions, which continues to be with me even now. When I am with my books, it’s just enough for me. Getting to know different characters, their motivations and living their lives through the words put up by someone else. Books are my savior, when I’m struggling to find my space.

And one day, I dream of creating a world too, for the readers to cherish.

As I finish off my first assignment for Writing101 Challenge, please bear with me!!


2 comments on “Writing 101: Day1, Unlock the Mind ; My Love for Reading

  1. I loved it! I have one suggestion. Start a new paragraph where the sentence is, “As was the norm….” You switched thoughts in that paragraph, from describing yourself to talking about yourself. It confused me when that happened, but it would make sense if it were a new paragraph.

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