Writing 101: Day 2, A Room with a view


Going with the theme for Day 2, I have tried to create a short story, focusing on the Description part. Here it goes.

Armaan pushed open the central window of his Office room. He saw the tall buildings, noticing the height at which he stands in this bustling city and also reflecting on the height he’s achieved in his career these past five years. To his right, is the Sheesham table and there lie at least ten piles of books on it. The genre of books, ranging from the management  to self-help, to business, to the latest fashion trends. He picks one book from the first pile, the only Romance novel in this mini-library. A  photograph drops to the ground. He picks it up in haste, just in case someone enters the room and catches him with it. But, immediately realizing that he has locked  the door from inside. Good News! I am alone with my memories.

The picture was of a girl, who must be in her twenties. The light brown almond eyes, beautiful enough to hold your gaze and would not let your eyes wander anywhere else. How much at ease did i always feel, whenever I looked into those pretty eyes. I knew those eyes longed for me and me only. Unfortunately, it was me only who had let her go so easily. I wish I had known at that time how much i was going to miss being with her. The red dot (Bindi) in the middle of her eyebrows was an icing on already perfect cake. How much had she wished that this Bindi would brighten his mornings for every coming day, like the sunshine does to every being on earth. Alas! It remained a wish only. The small adorable mole on the center of her nose was like an evil eye trying to save this innocent soul from the negative energies. She always used to make so much fuss about this mole. Only thing i want to change from my face is this stupid mole, she would say. And, i would laugh over her reactions, teasing her by pinching her nose. Dammit, how happy was i with her. If only I had known. The shy smile, so contagious that you can’t help but smile along with her. This face deserved this smile. And, i took it away from her.

As soon as Armaan entered his Office, he always locked his door and this was his routine everyday. Reminiscing on the gone past, remembering her lost love in his every breath and regretting that decision which separated him from her forever. A life full of regrets, is not the way to be.

A knock on the door, broke his chain of thoughts and brought him to the present. He turned and walked towards the door, and opened it slowly. A girl in a red saree appears from behind the door. Her face same as the one he was lost into, few moments ago.

How could this be possible. I think I’m dreaming. This is just not possible. She can’t come back to me.


8 comments on “Writing 101: Day 2, A Room with a view

      • You should just go ahead and take the plunge. I know what you’re talking about. I was scared to try out new stuff, too. Then I enrolled for National Poetry Writing Month last year, and became determined that I’d respond to all prompts. So I wrote for all thirty prompts, though some of them were really difficult as I had to write forms of poetry I had no idea about. Still, I completed the thirty days, And I discovered that some of my best work were the ones I was most uncomfortable writing.

        What I’m trying to say is, just write. Even when it is challenging, especially when it is challenging. You write well, so you’ll be able to create something beautiful.

      • Thanks for your inspiring words. I have been wanting to write a book from a long time, but a novel always seemed a daunting task. I guess we could always start small. And this course seems like a good start.
        This task was difficult for me, and am glad i managed to complete it. I would stick through the Writing 101 for sure. You’ve really inspired me by sharing your story. nice to meet you 🙂

  1. Nice to meet you too. Write your novel! I’ve also always wanted to write one. I’ve started a bit now. I guess the starting is difficult, but going on is even tougher. Good luck with your work! And yeah, starting small really works,

    • I hope i start the novel soon. I have an idea, about which i’m really interested to create a story around. I got my first lesson today on settings and descriptions which form an integral part in novels. Thanks for your wishes. And, Good luck for your Novel too.

  2. I thought it was very good! I noticed a few word selection mistakes (just small ones) that can be easily corrected. But overall, I thought it was excellent! You got my interest in the beginning, pulled in my emotions, and kept me interested. And, I loved the happy ending! 🙂 I think you will be a published author one day!

    • Awww, that was really very sweet of you. I’m just starting off with getting into a daily writing habit. I have so much to learn from all of you. And yes, i aspire to be an author one day. Thanks, I really appreciate your kind words and honest feedback.

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