Writing 101 : Day 5, Be Brief

Another short story from me. I wanted to limit the story within 200 words, and am glad I managed to do so. 🙂

“If you ever loved me, meet me at 7 p.m. tonight, at the exit gate. I want to see you, before the engagement next week.”

The words in this letter, he found at the Restaurant table, evoked mixed reactions within him. Was Simar trying to get back? Why now, after an year of no contact?

What now? Should I go?

No, I’m getting engaged to this wonderful girl next week. Simar has no place in my life now. But, what does she wants to say now? No, I’m not going, that’s final.


Rahul reached at the exit at 6:45, pacing to and fro. With obviously, no trace of Simar.

As the clock strikes 7, he turns himself towards the gate.

“Rekha, what are you doing here?”

“You!” said a shocked Rekha. “I didn’t want to cheat you. I was just.. Don’t get me wrong. That call was just a means to sort the matter with my ex. Please ignore this. I’m sorry.” She started crying.

“Oh!” Rahul fell short of words. “I thought the letter was from..”


8 comments on “Writing 101 : Day 5, Be Brief

  1. I thought it was pretty good! I do suggest though, to completely drop the last two sentences, “Anyways, forget it. Stop crying now.” Because then you would end your piece with a bit of a mystery…leave people wanting to read more.

  2. I loved the twist this story took and yes the mystery… I agree with what Priceless joy said about dropping the last 2 lines and am awaiting a sequel, is there still an engagement party ?? 🙂

    • Haha, you never know. 😀
      On public demand, i will drop those last two lines, which actually gives the story a somewhat definitive turn.
      And, am also thinking about taking the story forward. Let’s see, what we get in the sequel 😉

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