Writing 101 : Day 8, Death to Adverbs

I rewrote an earlier piece for this challenge, without adverbs.

As i reminisce about my growing years, I see an ambitious girl. A girl, who apart from being good at studies tried her hand at so many things. Be it dance, music, acting, declamations or caption contests, she was into everything. In short, she had to be a part of everything creative. And, among all these varied interests, her love for English stands apart.

Throughout my schooling, I was always excited to lay my hands on the Coursebooks and finish the literature portion before the start of the classes. With the help of books, I was able to explore a world which was different than mine.

Reading is one of those passions, which continues to be with me even now. When I am with my books, i don’t need anything else. Knowing different characters, their motivations and living their lives through the words put up by someone else is an experience in itself. Books come to my rescue, when Iโ€™m struggling to find my space in this world.

And hopefully one day, I will write a book myself. ๐Ÿ™‚


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