Why Am I Here

Hello everyone, I am Pushpinder from India. I am a Software Engineer by Profession and want to explore my writing abilities. I love reading whatever I could lay my hands on. This love for reading gave way to the desire of writing a book. So, this blog is an endeavor in seeing that dream come true one day. For which, I want to develop the writing habit which otherwise gets sidelined when a full-time job has to be taken care of along with it.

I am a Positive person by nature, and want my writings to reflect that. I feel inspirations are available everywhere around us, if only we would pause to see. Our lives and the people we interact with can teach us alot. There is something or the other to learn from even small incidents which happen to us.

Slices from Life, I promise would bring you such incidents or the things I feel passionate about or the lessons i learn on my life’s journey. I want each one of you who read my posts to leave this blog feeling inspired and content in their lives.

Thanks for stopping by.