NaPoWriMo Day 11: Moving On

Forgive them for your peace,

cherish the good times you once had.

Forget the feeling of hurt,

but don’t forget the lessons.

Accept what all happened,

and move on with the Life.


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NaPoWriMo Day 10: My Wishes

My response to Day 10 Prompt by NaPoWriMo , which was to write a poem based on alphabet. I have written a 26 line poem, each line starting with 26 different letters in sequence.


Angels along,

Beauty within,

Chocolates savored,

Darkness disappears

End not near,

Fearless soul,

God’s blessings,

Home sweet home,

Inner peace,

Jovial face,

Karma good,

Love filled heart,

Merriment in all,

Never evil,

Oath of honesty,

Presence of mind,

Quality over quantity,

Rose’s beauty,

Serene mind,


Utopian place,


Will to be strong,

Xerox of no one,

Yin and Yang’s balance,

Zen living.

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NaPoWriMo Day 8: The Journey

My response to the Day 8 Prompt by NaPoWriMo :

Here I stand,
without any fear on the land.
Having lost whoever I had,
There’s nothing i want too bad.

Past hurts continue to haunt,
It’s got so many scars to flaunt.
They return after just a knock,
when they find on door, the lock.

I start to love myself again,
Nothing outside of me could give me pain.
I feel free,
all my time belongs to me.

Spring is on track,
And autumn is sent back.
The smiles make regular visit.
Tears can’t find a place to sit.

Some memories flash in mind,
And again, tears make the eyes blind.
I feel my feet slipping,
A hand holds my hand and keep me from falling.

As this angel arrive,
Its kind hold makes me feel alive,
My random rants in air,
get a patient ear.

The walls around the heart,
get cracks for a start.
The light rings a bell,
onto the cocoon’s shell.

The bond becomes special,
As friendship is finally official.
A fear returns, I turn blue,
The fear of losing you!

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