Writing 101 : Day 7, Give And Take

A Love Story?

Adam, the Bumble Bee one day, noticed a far away garden. In his curiosity, he expressed his desire of wandering there to his friends and family.

“We’ve never seen such beauty before, as we did in that garden,” his friends who’ve already been there would say ,” Don’t believe us? Go, see for yourself.”

And, Adam would think of giving it a try.

“Don’t even look that way, that garden will bring you doom,” his family would warn him.

Adam, on hearing such words, would push his desire away.

This turmoil went on for days. Finally, he gave in to the temptations.


The vibrant display of colors, the exclusive smell of flowers, varying heights at which plants grew, drew him inside to never let him go back. He started enjoying to be among such beauties. He realized how right his friends were and how overprotective, his family was. “This is where i belong,” he would merrily sing.

One fine morning before the sunrise, he saw a secluded corner, which never caught his eye earlier. In his usual exploratory mood, he decided to explore the place and he thought he would then have, one more story to share with his friends back home. “No, I’m never going back. I’m loving it here”

The sun rose high, and shone light on the most beautiful flower. Adam went dumbstruck and could not gather the courage to go near her. She became the first thing he saw in the morning. Days and nights went by, just like that.

The flower on feeling privileged with his persistent admiration, called him by herself.

“Who are you, by the way?,” asked the flower.

“I’m Adam,” he replied shyly.

“What do you do here? You seem new to this place,”

“Ummm.. I was just passing by.”

“You liar, I know what are you upto,” the flower teased Adam.

“No, I was just..”

“You can come here. I won’t mind.”

“Sorry! did you really mean that?”

“Ofcourse, I did,” she winked.

Adam was so much in Love with his new life. The apple of his eyes, reciprocating his love. He could never imagine leaving her.


” I was thinking, I should go and have a round of the garden. I have not left this place from so long. The flowers outside must be blooming,” said Adam.

“But, I would miss you my sweetheart.”

“Oh Come on, what did you do before I came in your Life. You have never left this place. This is where you belong. I will be back soon.”

“Can’t force you for anything. I’ll wait for you.”


Adam got busy cherishing the beauty of new flowers outside. He was fine exploring the fresh flowers. The thought of the flower in that secluded corner never occurred to him again.

The flower grew pale, as she kept on waiting for Adam who never actually returned. Her self confidence, hitting the rock bottom. She wished, she withers away soon.


“You seem a paler version of yourself, dear flower. Is everything okay with you?,” said Zen, another Bumble Bee.

“Yes, I’m fine, ” replied the flower hiding her tears.

“You don’t seem so, my friend.”

“Umm.. I missed having a friend like you. You know, I’m tied to this place. Sometimes, I feel so lonely.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I was on a family trip. It was you, who I came to look for first. So, be happy.”

“Oh yes, I’m happy. Very happy.”

“I promise I will come to meet you daily.”

“You’re so sweet, Zen.”


As Zen became a regular visitor, he caught Adam’s eye. One day, as his eyes followed Adam and as he saw him going towards the secluded corner, he remembered his early days with the flower. The very next day, Adam visited the flower.

“Hey, I’m sorry I became busy. What’s up with you?

“I’m fine, in the pink of my health.”

“That’s great,” not even noticing the poor health of the flower.

“Hey, how are you sweety?,” said Zen. “It seems we have a visitor.”

“He’s an old friend, just passing by,” replied the flower, trying not to relive the pain she went through all these days.

“Aaah, nice to meet you,” said Zen.

“I can’t say the same about you, ” replied an angry Adam. Then looking towards the flower, “You liar, so you can’t even tell him, what I was to you. A friend, huh? I hate you.”

“I know, you never loved me,” said a teary eyed flower.