Writing 101 : Day 9, Point of View

After hearing such wonderful news, i wanted to take Rosie out for Dinner. But, since she wasn’t too well, we decided to have a stroll in the park instead. To be among the cheerful faces, who were out playing. To have a sense of what it would feel like to be a part of this group. I was happy, like really happy.

We held hands like newly marrieds, and went to the nearby park. I could very easily see the happiness lurking in those pretty blue eyes of my wife. I felt so grateful to be the  one by her side. She was finally going to give me the biggest happiness of my life. I could not help but feel the need to make her feel special always. I tightened my grip around her hand and looked into her eyes. “I Love you,” my eyes said.


After all these years we are finally going to have a baby. As soon as we got the good news, we just couldn’t hold our excitement. Calling everyone in our circle, passing on our happiness to others. Sam wanted to dine outside, to celebrate the occasion. But, since i was feeling nauseous, i suggested we better just have a walk outside.

Seeing the kids play with their protective parents, we felt blessed. After all, we were going to be a part of this group soon.  “Thank you for blessing us with this joy, God.”


As usual, all by myself, i was busy knitting a sweater for my new born grand daughter. Natasha, her mother, specially requested it to be in red as it was her favorite color. As i looked up, i saw a young couple standing in front of me holding hands. I didn’t want to continue staring at them, but suddenly noticed that a tear rolled down the man’s cheeks. I couldn’t stop myself, so i called them to sit beside me on the bench.

“Is everything okay?” I ask them.

“Oh yeah,” replied the girl.

“I’m sorry, but i think, i saw tears in your eyes,” i asked looking at the man.

“No, I’m alright. Actually, we just got the news that my wife’s pregnant.”

“Aww, that’s wonderful. Congratulations to you both. So, these are tears of joy. I’m so sorry, i misunderstood.”

“It’s been five years since we got married. There were too many complications. Doctors weren’t really hopeful in the beginning. It’s our love for each other, that didn’t let us lose hope. But, am just scared.” said the man.

“Scared? Why?,” i asked.

“Our wish got fulfilled after such a long wait. I fear, what if God steals this happiness again from us. What will we do then.”

“Oh! I lost my two children in an accident 35 years back. One was two, and the other three. I lost all hope in my life. And, this happened when i had already lost my husband, a year before that. There was no light in my life. Two years, i was sunk deep in depression. Then, one day my friend took me to an orphanage. And in my life entered, a beautiful baby girl. I dedicated my life to bring her up responsibly, as a single parent. She now, has a month old daughter herself.,” I said.

And, continued, ” You’ve got one life. Stop being a victim of your past. You have a baby due in another nine months. You both have each other to support. I wasn’t that fortunate. Maybe, that’s why it took me 2 years to come out of it. Cherish what you got, and forget what’s gone. Good luck with your baby”. I hugged the woman and left the park.