Writing 101 : Day 9, Point of View

After hearing such wonderful news, i wanted to take Rosie out for Dinner. But, since she wasn’t too well, we decided to have a stroll in the park instead. To be among the cheerful faces, who were out playing. To have a sense of what it would feel like to be a part of this group. I was happy, like really happy.

We held hands like newly marrieds, and went to the nearby park. I could very easily see the happiness lurking in those pretty blue eyes of my wife. I felt so grateful to be the Β one by her side. She was finally going to give me the biggest happiness of my life. I could not help but feel the need to make her feel special always. I tightened my grip around her hand and looked into her eyes. “I Love you,” my eyes said.


After all these years we are finally going to have a baby. As soon as we got the good news, we just couldn’t hold our excitement. Calling everyone in our circle, passing on our happiness to others. Sam wanted to dine outside, to celebrate the occasion. But, since i was feeling nauseous, i suggested we better just have a walk outside.

Seeing the kids play with their protective parents, we felt blessed. After all, we were going to be a part of this group soon. Β “Thank you for blessing us with this joy, God.”


As usual, all by myself, i was busy knitting a sweater for my new born grand daughter. Natasha, her mother, specially requested it to be in red as it was her favorite color. As i looked up, i saw a young couple standing in front of me holding hands. I didn’t want to continue staring at them, but suddenly noticed that a tear rolled down the man’s cheeks. I couldn’t stop myself, so i called them to sit beside me on the bench.

“Is everything okay?” I ask them.

“Oh yeah,” replied the girl.

“I’m sorry, but i think, i saw tears in your eyes,” i asked looking at the man.

“No, I’m alright. Actually, we just got the news that my wife’s pregnant.”

“Aww, that’s wonderful. Congratulations to you both. So, these are tears of joy. I’m so sorry, i misunderstood.”

“It’s been five years since we got married. There were too many complications. Doctors weren’t really hopeful in the beginning. It’s our love for each other, that didn’t let us lose hope. But, am just scared.” said the man.

“Scared? Why?,” i asked.

“Our wish got fulfilled after such a long wait. I fear, what if God steals this happiness again from us. What will we do then.”

“Oh! I lost my two children in an accident 35 years back. One was two, and the other three. I lost all hope in my life. And, this happened when i had already lost my husband, a year before that. There was no light in my life. Two years, i was sunk deep in depression. Then, one day my friend took me to an orphanage. And in my life entered, a beautiful baby girl. I dedicated my life to bring her up responsibly, as a single parent. She now, has a month old daughter herself.,” I said.

And, continued, ” You’ve got one life. Stop being a victim of your past. You have a baby due in another nine months. You both have each other to support. I wasn’t that fortunate. Maybe, that’s why it took me 2 years to come out of it. Cherish what you got, and forget what’s gone. Good luck with your baby”. I hugged the woman and left the park.


Writing 101 : Day 8, Death to Adverbs

I rewrote an earlier piece for this challenge, without adverbs.

As i reminisce about my growing years, I see an ambitious girl. A girl, who apart from being good at studies tried her hand at so many things. Be it dance, music, acting, declamations or caption contests, she was into everything. In short, she had to be a part of everything creative. And, among all these varied interests, her love for English stands apart.

Throughout my schooling, I was always excited to lay my hands on the Coursebooks and finish the literature portion before the start of the classes. With the help of books, I was able to explore a world which was different than mine.

Reading is one of those passions, which continues to be with me even now. When I am with my books, i don’t need anything else. Knowing different characters, their motivations and living their lives through the words put up by someone else is an experience in itself. Books come to my rescue, when I’m struggling to find my space in this world.

And hopefully one day, I will write a book myself. πŸ™‚

Writing 101 : Day 7, Give And Take

A Love Story?

Adam, the Bumble Bee one day, noticed a far away garden. In his curiosity, he expressed his desire of wandering there to his friends and family.

“We’ve never seen such beauty before, as we did in that garden,” his friends who’ve already been there would say ,” Don’t believe us? Go, see for yourself.”

And, Adam would think of giving it a try.

“Don’t even look that way, that garden will bring you doom,” his family would warn him.

Adam, on hearing such words, would push his desire away.

This turmoil went on for days. Finally, he gave in to the temptations.


The vibrant display of colors, the exclusive smell of flowers, varying heights at which plants grew, drew him inside to never let him go back. He started enjoying to be among such beauties. He realized how right his friends were and how overprotective, his family was. “This is where i belong,” he would merrily sing.

One fine morning before the sunrise, he saw a secluded corner, which never caught his eye earlier. In his usual exploratory mood, he decided to explore the place and he thought he would then have, one more story to share with his friends back home. “No, I’m never going back. I’m loving it here”

The sun rose high, and shone light on the most beautiful flower. Adam went dumbstruck and could not gather the courage to go near her. She became the first thing he saw in the morning. Days and nights went by, just like that.

The flower on feeling privileged with his persistent admiration, called him by herself.

“Who are you, by the way?,” asked the flower.

“I’m Adam,” he replied shyly.

“What do you do here? You seem new to this place,”

“Ummm.. I was just passing by.”

“You liar, I know what are you upto,” the flower teased Adam.

“No, I was just..”

“You can come here. I won’t mind.”

“Sorry! did you really mean that?”

“Ofcourse, I did,” she winked.

Adam was so much in Love with his new life. The apple of his eyes, reciprocating his love. He could never imagine leaving her.


” I was thinking, I should go and have a round of the garden. I have not left this place from so long. The flowers outside must be blooming,” said Adam.

“But, I would miss you my sweetheart.”

“Oh Come on, what did you do before I came in your Life. You have never left this place. This is where you belong. I will be back soon.”

“Can’t force you for anything. I’ll wait for you.”


Adam got busy cherishing the beauty of new flowers outside. He was fine exploring the fresh flowers. The thought of the flower in that secluded corner never occurred to him again.

The flower grew pale, as she kept on waiting for Adam who never actually returned. Her self confidence, hitting the rock bottom. She wished, she withers away soon.


“You seem a paler version of yourself, dear flower. Is everything okay with you?,” said Zen, another Bumble Bee.

“Yes, I’m fine, ” replied the flower hiding her tears.

“You don’t seem so, my friend.”

“Umm.. I missed having a friend like you. You know, I’m tied to this place. Sometimes, I feel so lonely.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I was on a family trip. It was you, who I came to look for first. So, be happy.”

“Oh yes, I’m happy. Very happy.”

“I promise I will come to meet you daily.”

“You’re so sweet, Zen.”


As Zen became a regular visitor, he caught Adam’s eye. One day, as his eyes followed Adam and as he saw him going towards the secluded corner, he remembered his early days with the flower. The very next day, Adam visited the flower.

“Hey, I’m sorry I became busy. What’s up with you?

“I’m fine, in the pink of my health.”

“That’s great,” not even noticing the poor health of the flower.

“Hey, how are you sweety?,” said Zen. “It seems we have a visitor.”

“He’s an old friend, just passing by,” replied the flower, trying not to relive the pain she went through all these days.

“Aaah, nice to meet you,” said Zen.

“I can’t say the same about you, ” replied an angry Adam. Then looking towards the flower, “You liar, so you can’t even tell him, what I was to you. A friend, huh? I hate you.”

“I know, you never loved me,” said a teary eyed flower.

Writing 101 : Day 6, A Character-Building Experience

I thought and thought and thought, but wasn’t able to decide that who should be my subject for this post. Then, it struck me. Yes, i’m going to write about my best friend-cum-room mate. We have known each other since 2007 and have been good friends since then. But, its only after she shifted with me, that i got to know her on a more personal level. So, I can say I met the ‘Neha’, I didn’t know earlier. My most interesting find of 2014. πŸ™‚

A girl with a child-like innocence,

wearing her heart on her sleeve.

Whatever she says makes sense,

making my moments full of glee.

Eyes so expressive,

enough to get one hooked.

The infectious smile,

and the dimpled cheeks.

For friends she could run a mile,

in the dark times she won’t let them go weak.

Her daily tragedies seem to us,

a comedy of errors.

My family away from home,

My pillar of strength.

I wish we stay friends,

the way we have always been.

Looking forward to see her reactions. I hope this makes her smile πŸ™‚

Writing 101 : Day 5, Be Brief

Another short story from me. I wanted to limit the story within 200 words, and am glad I managed to do so. πŸ™‚

“If you ever loved me, meet me at 7 p.m. tonight, at the exit gate. I want to see you, before the engagement next week.”

The words in this letter, he found at the Restaurant table, evoked mixed reactions within him. Was Simar trying to get back? Why now, after an year of no contact?

What now? Should I go?

No, I’m getting engaged to this wonderful girl next week. Simar has no place in my life now. But, what does she wants to say now? No, I’m not going, that’s final.


Rahul reached at the exit at 6:45, pacing to and fro. With obviously, no trace of Simar.

As the clock strikes 7, he turns himself towards the gate.

“Rekha, what are you doing here?”

“You!” said a shocked Rekha. “I didn’t want to cheat you. I was just.. Don’t get me wrong. That call was just a means to sort the matter with my ex. Please ignore this. I’m sorry.” She started crying.

“Oh!” Rahul fell short of words. “I thought the letter was from..”