Writing 101 : Day 6, A Character-Building Experience

I thought and thought and thought, but wasn’t able to decide that who should be my subject for this post. Then, it struck me. Yes, i’m going to write about my best friend-cum-room mate. We have known each other since 2007 and have been good friends since then. But, its only after she shifted with me, that i got to know her on a more personal level. So, I can say I met the ‘Neha’, I didn’t know earlier. My most interesting find of 2014. 🙂

A girl with a child-like innocence,

wearing her heart on her sleeve.

Whatever she says makes sense,

making my moments full of glee.

Eyes so expressive,

enough to get one hooked.

The infectious smile,

and the dimpled cheeks.

For friends she could run a mile,

in the dark times she won’t let them go weak.

Her daily tragedies seem to us,

a comedy of errors.

My family away from home,

My pillar of strength.

I wish we stay friends,

the way we have always been.

Looking forward to see her reactions. I hope this makes her smile 🙂