NaPoWriMo Day 8: The Journey

My response to the Day 8 Prompt by NaPoWriMo :

Here I stand,
without any fear on the land.
Having lost whoever I had,
There’s nothing i want too bad.

Past hurts continue to haunt,
It’s got so many scars to flaunt.
They return after just a knock,
when they find on door, the lock.

I start to love myself again,
Nothing outside of me could give me pain.
I feel free,
all my time belongs to me.

Spring is on track,
And autumn is sent back.
The smiles make regular visit.
Tears can’t find a place to sit.

Some memories flash in mind,
And again, tears make the eyes blind.
I feel my feet slipping,
A hand holds my hand and keep me from falling.

As this angel arrive,
Its kind hold makes me feel alive,
My random rants in air,
get a patient ear.

The walls around the heart,
get cracks for a start.
The light rings a bell,
onto the cocoon’s shell.

The bond becomes special,
As friendship is finally official.
A fear returns, I turn blue,
The fear of losing you!

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