I feel Sorry..

I feel Sorry..

for all the times

you caressed the star

but wished ’twas the moon.

I feel sorry..

that it was the moon you dreamed about

but had to,

adjust with the star.

I feel sorry..

for your cowardice

to let go of what you desired

but settling for what you got.

I feel sorry,

for you being such a fool

to have lost the moon

while counting the stars.

I don’t feel sorry..

for the moon but

Who chose itself,

than someone weak-hearted as you.


Writing 101: Day 2, A Room with a view


Going with the theme for Day 2, I have tried to create a short story, focusing on the Description part. Here it goes.

Armaan pushed open the central window of his Office room. He saw the tall buildings, noticing the height at which he stands in this bustling city and also reflecting on the height he’s achieved in his career these past five years. To his right, is the Sheesham table and there lie at least ten piles of books on it. The genre of books, ranging from the management  to self-help, to business, to the latest fashion trends. He picks one book from the first pile, the only Romance novel in this mini-library. A  photograph drops to the ground. He picks it up in haste, just in case someone enters the room and catches him with it. But, immediately realizing that he has locked  the door from inside. Good News! I am alone with my memories.

The picture was of a girl, who must be in her twenties. The light brown almond eyes, beautiful enough to hold your gaze and would not let your eyes wander anywhere else. How much at ease did i always feel, whenever I looked into those pretty eyes. I knew those eyes longed for me and me only. Unfortunately, it was me only who had let her go so easily. I wish I had known at that time how much i was going to miss being with her. The red dot (Bindi) in the middle of her eyebrows was an icing on already perfect cake. How much had she wished that this Bindi would brighten his mornings for every coming day, like the sunshine does to every being on earth. Alas! It remained a wish only. The small adorable mole on the center of her nose was like an evil eye trying to save this innocent soul from the negative energies. She always used to make so much fuss about this mole. Only thing i want to change from my face is this stupid mole, she would say. And, i would laugh over her reactions, teasing her by pinching her nose. Dammit, how happy was i with her. If only I had known. The shy smile, so contagious that you can’t help but smile along with her. This face deserved this smile. And, i took it away from her.

As soon as Armaan entered his Office, he always locked his door and this was his routine everyday. Reminiscing on the gone past, remembering her lost love in his every breath and regretting that decision which separated him from her forever. A life full of regrets, is not the way to be.

A knock on the door, broke his chain of thoughts and brought him to the present. He turned and walked towards the door, and opened it slowly. A girl in a red saree appears from behind the door. Her face same as the one he was lost into, few moments ago.

How could this be possible. I think I’m dreaming. This is just not possible. She can’t come back to me.

5 things i learnt from the last movie I saw


The last movie which left me inspired was, Queen(hindi).

The only thought in my mind, when I left the hall was: Every girl needs to watch this movie.
It’s one of those movies which just connect with you. And you are left feeling inspired after you’ve seen this movie. The 5 things which I learnt from this movie are:

Dealing With Rejection:
There will be a number of times, people would reject us- jobs, relationships, etc. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with that crappy feeling of being rejected by someone, the most important thing to do is to accept it. And, try to make the best of what we do have in our lives.
People who have rejected you, also do not deserve you. Don’t base your own worth on the value they give you.

When One Door Closes, Another Opens:
When something bad happens to us, it feels like the end of the world. When that happens, take your time to let the feeling sunk in. And then, look beyond the current life-threatening situation and the next course of action. Life will move on anyways.

Discover what you want to do with your Life
Connect with the inner you and try to find out what makes you come alive. What you want to do with your life, keep that final decision to yourself. Your dreams and aspirations may not match with other’s values. Don’t let that stop you from following and protecting your dreams.

Accept yourself completely
You have got to protect what gives you happiness. Don’t seek approval for it from outside of you. If it feels right to you, it is. You don’t need to change yourself to fit into somebody else’s image of you. Only when you can accept the true you completely, can you expect others to follow suite.

And finally: Be the Queen of your own life, rather than thriving to be someone else’s Queen.

I would recommend this movie to every girl. 🙂