Writing 101: Serially Lost: Part 2

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Here comes the Part II:

The shrieking noise of the applied brakes, was hard to ignore.

“What was that?” asked a shocked Aarti.

“Maybe, there’s been an accident, I will check outside.” replied Ajay. “Umm, ok. See if they need help.”


As Ajay was walking towards the gate, he saw a group of men approaching him, dragging a man by his Collar.

“What is it? Is there an accident?” asked Ajay.

“Saahib, Please forgive me. I didn’t see him coming.” and the man started crying.

“This fool is drunk, don’t trust him. We heard the noise made by brakes and rushed outside. We should hand him over to the Police.”

“Hold on. I didn’t get you? What’s the matter? Who is he? What has he done? And, why are you all here?”

“It happened by mistake, Saahib. I didn’t see him.” the man kept repeating.

“Who didn’t you see?”

For a second, he felt he knew what was coming next. His heartbeat started racing, and he felt his heart would explode. Without waiting for an answer, he ran towards the exit gate.


The land beneath his feet vanished and his legs started trembling. The tears wouln’t stop, as he saw the body smeared with blood, lying on the road. The dead body of his only son.

He sat down, not able to believe his eyes. He caressed the innocent face, which was lying there lifeless.

“Get up, Aashu. Get up. I know this is not true. I didn’t know, you could act this good. Daddy won’t scold you ever. It’s a promise, kid. Get up now and tell me this was all a joke.”

He screamed, “Aaaaashuuuuuuu….You can’t leave your Dad, like that. Come back, Aashu.”


“It’s Ajay, right? Why is he screaming? Did he call me? I think I heard him call, Ashish.”

Aarti left the room at once. She scanned the area up to the gate for any trace of Ashish or Ajay, but in vain.

“Ajay. Where are you?” She called out loud with panic settling, in her voice.

She noticed the crowd outside. She ran with all her might. Making her way through the crowd, she came face to face with the sight, which was going to haunt her for the rest of her Life.

“Aashuuuuu….!” She screamed.

“What happened to him, Ajay? What’s with the blood? He is unconscious, right? Why are you sitting here, motionless? Let’s take him to the doctor. Get up, Ajay. Don’t waste any time. Gg.. Get up. We need.. we need to hurry.”

Ajay, too shocked to reply didn’t utter a single word. Gradually, reality started sinking into the realms of the Mother’s heart. And thus began her long journey of dealing with the loss of her only child. The child, she kept  above everyone else, including herself. The child,Who had come to define her whole life, since the day his life began inside of her.

What followed after Ashish’s loss, was Aarti’s constant battle of keeping his memories alive and living the Life, which contrary to her wishes, kept moving. Not a day would pass, when she wouldn’t cry for what she lost with him. She would curse God, to have cut short the life of a flower, which was yet to bloom in full.

For the world, she was there and still she wasn’t. All hope, seemed lost. Nothing to look forward to. Her life felt like nothing but a black hole, except that it wouldn’t let her disappear to the place where her son had gone.


The colors, which filled their life with the coming of Ashish, left them after he left. As his arrival, made their bond strong, for the shared responsibility of raising a child. His going away, made that bond even stronger. The difference being, that earlier they were bound by the thread of a common joy and now a common loss. They learned to be strong for the sake of the other. One would sent back the tears begging to come out, if any of them saw the other crying. They had their family to look after them in the day, but the lonely nights which they spent in the memories of Ashish, they only had themselves to clear away the tears decorating their cheeks.

Their love grew by leaps and bounds, just the way it grew in the initial days of their courtship.

They had lost him, but found the love of their relationship back.


Writing 101: Day 4, Serially Lost : Part I

Today’s challenge is really an interesting one. To see things through and plan about the three parts certainly helps one to work around the original idea. As I have a soft corner for writing short stories, I will attempt to create a three part story for this challenge. This is not what i’ve directly experienced but what I have seen others going through and wouldn’t wish anyone to face.

“I’m telling you baby, behave yourself. You’re too young to light them by yourself. Why don’t you listen to me, huh?”

“Mumma, just one. Please,” requested Ashish with such an innocent look Aarti just couldn’t refuse.

“Come with me, let’s light this phuljhadi,” said Aarti and the frowny creases left her forehead.

“Hurrah! Here I come,” said Ashish jumping with joy.

“Here we go. No, keep your hand behind mine baby,” said Aarti as he was teaching Ashish how to light the phuljhadi

“Aarti, come here. Mum needs your help in the kitchen,” said Ajay.

“Just coming. Ashish, let’s go inside. Your Dad is calling.”

“Come fast Aarti, Mum has burnt her hand.”

“Oh Gosh!,” mumbled Aarti and left for the kitchen.

Left alone, Ashish was awestruck to see so much lightning in sky. It amazed him to see how red, blue, yellow, green colors filled up the sky. Ashish had always been like that. It was such a joy for a child’s mind to cherish this interesting mix of colors on display in sky. He would eagerly wait for Diwali to arrive. Whenever he would see the cracker’s or a rocket bomb’s sparks going off, he would jump with excitement. Never stopping the claps. It was a delight in itself to see his glowing eyes. He felt it was unfair that he wasn’t allowed to light the crackers himself.

As Ashish was following the path of a rocket bomb’s sparks, trying to match up to its speed by running across their home’s ground. He saw it falling outside the gate of their house. He ran with utter joy, expecting the marvel he saw in sky to be finally in his hands. Stepping outside the gate, he started looking for the bomb. His face sulked, when he couldn’t find it easily. Then, there was some lighting across the end of the road and he saw his Prize. As he rushed to obtain it, a Car turned from that same corner, hitting him badly and crushed him to death.

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Writing 101: Day 2, A Room with a view


Going with the theme for Day 2, I have tried to create a short story, focusing on the Description part. Here it goes.

Armaan pushed open the central window of his Office room. He saw the tall buildings, noticing the height at which he stands in this bustling city and also reflecting on the height he’s achieved in his career these past five years. To his right, is the Sheesham table and there lie at least ten piles of books on it. The genre of books, ranging from the management  to self-help, to business, to the latest fashion trends. He picks one book from the first pile, the only Romance novel in this mini-library. A  photograph drops to the ground. He picks it up in haste, just in case someone enters the room and catches him with it. But, immediately realizing that he has locked  the door from inside. Good News! I am alone with my memories.

The picture was of a girl, who must be in her twenties. The light brown almond eyes, beautiful enough to hold your gaze and would not let your eyes wander anywhere else. How much at ease did i always feel, whenever I looked into those pretty eyes. I knew those eyes longed for me and me only. Unfortunately, it was me only who had let her go so easily. I wish I had known at that time how much i was going to miss being with her. The red dot (Bindi) in the middle of her eyebrows was an icing on already perfect cake. How much had she wished that this Bindi would brighten his mornings for every coming day, like the sunshine does to every being on earth. Alas! It remained a wish only. The small adorable mole on the center of her nose was like an evil eye trying to save this innocent soul from the negative energies. She always used to make so much fuss about this mole. Only thing i want to change from my face is this stupid mole, she would say. And, i would laugh over her reactions, teasing her by pinching her nose. Dammit, how happy was i with her. If only I had known. The shy smile, so contagious that you can’t help but smile along with her. This face deserved this smile. And, i took it away from her.

As soon as Armaan entered his Office, he always locked his door and this was his routine everyday. Reminiscing on the gone past, remembering her lost love in his every breath and regretting that decision which separated him from her forever. A life full of regrets, is not the way to be.

A knock on the door, broke his chain of thoughts and brought him to the present. He turned and walked towards the door, and opened it slowly. A girl in a red saree appears from behind the door. Her face same as the one he was lost into, few moments ago.

How could this be possible. I think I’m dreaming. This is just not possible. She can’t come back to me.

Weekly Challenge – Fifty(Short Story)

‘He’s dead’, she thought. Remembering her sister Rita’s last words: He abondoned me. ‘Twas the last resort.

She had finally avenged her death. Her only dream since 5 years. But alas! She still felt empty.

Did she bring justice to Rita or killed the only man who truly loved her?