Writing 101: Day 4, Serially Lost : Part I

Today’s challenge is really an interesting one. To see things through and plan about the three parts certainly helps one to work around the original idea. As I have a soft corner for writing short stories, I will attempt to create a three part story for this challenge. This is not what i’ve directly experienced but what I have seen others going through and wouldn’t wish anyone to face.

“I’m telling you baby, behave yourself. You’re too young to light them by yourself. Why don’t you listen to me, huh?”

“Mumma, just one. Please,” requested Ashish with such an innocent look Aarti just couldn’t refuse.

“Come with me, let’s light thisĀ phuljhadi,” said Aarti and the frowny creases left her forehead.

“Hurrah! Here I come,” said Ashish jumping with joy.

“Here we go. No, keep your hand behind mine baby,” said Aarti as he was teaching Ashish how to light the phuljhadi

“Aarti, come here. Mum needs your help in the kitchen,” said Ajay.

“Just coming. Ashish, let’s go inside. Your Dad is calling.”

“Come fast Aarti, Mum has burnt her hand.”

“Oh Gosh!,” mumbled Aarti and left for the kitchen.

Left alone, Ashish was awestruck to see so much lightning in sky. It amazed him to see how red, blue, yellow, green colors filled up the sky. Ashish had always been like that. It was such a joy for a child’s mind to cherish this interesting mix of colors on display in sky. He would eagerly wait for Diwali to arrive. Whenever he would see the cracker’s or a rocket bomb’s sparks going off, he would jump with excitement. Never stopping the claps. It was a delight in itself to see his glowing eyes. He felt it was unfair that he wasn’t allowed to light the crackers himself.

As Ashish was following the path of a rocket bomb’s sparks, trying to match up to its speed by running across their home’s ground. He saw it falling outside the gate of their house. He ran with utter joy, expecting the marvel he saw in sky to be finally in his hands. Stepping outside the gate, he started looking for the bomb. His face sulked, when he couldn’t find it easily. Then, there was some lighting across the end of the road and he saw his Prize. As he rushed to obtain it, a Car turned from that same corner, hitting him badly and crushed him to death.

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